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Racine Theatre Guild 2022/2023 85th Season

Experience heart-pounding, toe-tapping, and laugh-out-loud theatre all season at the Racine Theatre Guild. Subscriptions and flex passes are no longer available for this season. Individual tickets can be found here!

Into the Woods

July 15 -31, 2022

A baker and his wife journey into the woods to lift a curse and encounter fairytale characters, granting all of their wishes. But what are the consequences when their dreams come true?

Native Gardens

Sept 16 – Oct 2, 2022

Pablo and Tania discover that part of their neighbors’ prize-winning yard belongs to them, starting a turf war with side-splitting, back-and-forth mudslinging.

Drop Dead!

Oct 28 – Nov 13, 2022

From rehearsal to opening night, a rag-tag group of actors working to save their careers try to stay alive for curtain call while a murderer is on the loose.

The Little Mermaid

Dec 9 – 18, 2022

Dive under the sea with Ariel, a young mermaid, who fights for a life on land with the man she loves in this beloved Disney classic.

Perfect Wedding

Jan 13 – 29, 2023

Between groom, a bride, her mother, a best man, a maid, and a girlfriend, will this hilarious tumble down the aisle end in love or loss?

The Tin Woman

Feb 24 – Mar 12, 2023

After receiving a heart transplant, Joy is plagued with uncertainty about her second chance at life until she meets her donor’s family.

Stand & Deliver

April 14 – 23, 2023

When Jamie Escalante is assigned to an inner-city school, his offbeat teaching methods and quirky humor motivate his math students to reach their full potential.

Sweeny Todd

May 19 – June 4, 2023

Attend the tale of a barber wrongly convicted and out for vengeance against the corrupt judge who sent him to prison and tore his family apart.

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