RTG Spotlight

The hundreds of dedicated volunteers the work of the Racine Theatre Guild possible give so much of their time and talents to support each and every production.

“Whether I’m in a show or on crew, I love the process of going from nothing, through the rehearsals, and watch it all come together. I continue with the RTG because I’ve met wonderful people who work together with such teamwork.”

– Ric Morales, RTG volunteer and board member

As part of each mainstage production’s Callboard, the Racine Theatre Guild shines the spotlight on dedicated volunteers and production staff members on and off stage that make our community theatre possible. Read more about some of their stories and be a part of the greater RTG community by becoming a volunteer.

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Isabella Bullock: Living Her Theatre Dream

Isabella Bullock credits seeing her aunt Anna Marie Smetana in the play Southern Hospitality in 2010, for getting her interested in theatre in general, and the RTG specifically. “I loved seeing live theatre in such a professional setting,” she says. “At the theatre was a poster for auditions for Miracle on 34th Street. They needed … Read more

Cynthy McCrory: A Volunteer Who Loves to Be Busy

Cynthy McCrory volunteered with the Racine Theatre Guild from about 1975 to 1985 when she was asked to work on wardrobe for Summer of the Seventeenth Doll. She worked show after show, from sewing and designing costumes, to doing props, makeup and working in the booth. She took a hiatus to be with her children … Read more

Adrianna Jones: A First Time Guest Director

“I love theatre,” Adrianna Jones says, simply. “I started out as a performer and earned my degree in musical theatre at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. I went on to find acting jobs all over the place, from cruise ships to Los Angeles, to the Midwest. Eventually I decided to get a Master’s degree.” … Read more

Juliana Garcia-Malacara: It all starts with a theatre spark

In 2011, Juliana Garcia-Malacara was in 5th grade when her grandma saw an ad in the paper about auditions for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. When Juju’s mom, Stacey, brought her to try out, she let her know that it might not work out. “My mom said to not be sad if I didn’t … Read more

Michael Clickner: Guest Director and much more

Michael Clickner has a long-standing link with the Racine Theatre Guild, because it is where his parents met in the 1940s. Then Michael met  his future wife, Joyce Woodward, at the RTG and married her 34 years ago. How is that for multi-generational connections? “My first experience with the RTG was in 1975, when I … Read more

Ric Morales: Props with a whole lot of heart

Ric Morales has been seen on stage, but he truly enjoys working props. Born and raised in Racine, Ric found out early on that he loved theatre, but just as something to enjoy in the audience or help to teach. As a teacher for 35 years, he retired from Walden, teaching history and social studies. … Read more