First Date

Book byAustin Winsberg
Music and Lyrics byAlan Zachary and Michael Weiner
Runs Jul 19Jul 28, 2024
First Date is presented by arrangement withConcord Theatricals.


First impressions just might be worth a second chance. Blind date newbie, Aaron, and serial-dater, Casey, enter the hilariously exhausting ritual through the ups and downs of a first date. Dull conversations, awkward flirting, and humiliating mishaps are accompanied by an ever-rotating cast of characters from both of their pasts and possible futures. With surprises around every corner, will the musical comedy be a dating disaster or turn into something special before the check arrives?

Content note: Some adult material and language may not be suitable for younger patrons

Ticket Information

  • Season Tickets and Flex Passes are available now! Individual Tickets will go on sale Monday, May 20, 2024.
  • $22 for Adults
  • $20 for Seniors (62+)
  • $17 for Students (21 & under)
  • Further discounts are offered to subscribers and groups of 12 or more.


American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation is planned for the performance on Friday, July 26 at 7:00 p.m. To purchase the seats with the best view of the interpreter, stop by or contact the Box Office at or (262) 633-4218.


Parker Muñoz: Aaron
Bryanna Van Caster: Casey
Brian Dean: Man #1 – Gabe
Stephen Fletcher: Man #2 – Reggie
Kyle Simonsen: Man #3 – Waiter
Kira Walters: Woman #1 – Lauren
Samantha Pinchard: Woman #2 – Allison

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