February 22, 2019

Wait Until Dark

Tickets Information

The Racine Theatre Guild will be closed to the public until further notice.

Call (262) 633-4218 for ticketing and questions.




Susy Hendrix lives a simple life as a housewife, despite being blind. While away on business, her husband, Sam, unknowingly smuggles a peculiar doll filled with drugs into their home. One night, Susy becomes the key in a clever conman’s scheme to steal the doll. With the help of the young girl upstairs, Susy unravels his plan but quickly becomes the bait in a deadly game of cat and mouse. An edge-of-your-seat thriller, plunge into the darkness and try not to scream!


In addition, RTG will be partnering with Racine Neighborhood Watch during the show’s run to offer crime prevention tips and raise awareness about keeping our community safe.


Written by Frederick Knott

Wait Until Dark is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

Cast & Crew


Davidson Kane – Mike Talman
Anthony Lazalde – Sgt. Carlino
Matt Specht – Harry Roat, Jr.
Samantha Sustachek – Susy Hendrix
Kevin Sustachek – Sam Hendrix
Grace Nelson – Gloria
Joe Minneci – Policeman #1
Zach Guerrero – Policeman #2


Michael Clickner – Director
Anna Marie Smetana – PSM
Jill Dexter – Stage Manager
Peter Jones- ASM
Art Dexter – ASM
Dave Smetana – Props Co-Design / Running Crew
Lisa Graf – Props Co-Design / Running Crew
Cynthy McCrory – Costume Design
Jodi Gement – Wardrobe Running
Janet Petrick – Sound Design
Sue Blaha – Sound Tech
Karen Hamilton – Light Tech
Shannon Thill – Hair / Makeup

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