January 11, 2019

Things My Mother Taught Me

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Olivia and Gabe are excited to finally start their lives together as they move into their first apartment. However, even after moving halfway across the country, they cannot escape their parents who show up unannounced to lend a helping hand. Their furniture will not fit, the moving truck goes missing, and their parents get into squabbles – can anything else go wrong? The idea of “mother knows best” hilariously gets flipped upside down in this heartwarming, romantic comedy.


Written by Katherine DiSavino

Things My Mother Taught Me is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Cast & Crew


Norgie Metzinger – Gabe
Lindy Ross – Olivia
Larry Rowe – Wyatt
Emily Mueller – Lydia
Frank Russ – Carter
Mary Kveton – Karen
Savannah Bishop – Max


Nate Stamper – Director
Lori Russ – PSM/Props Design

Carena Richter – Stage Manager

Donna Nielsen – ASM

Shannon Thill – ASM

Kelsey Thomas – Sound Design

Jill Dexter – Light Tech
Betty Petersen – Sound Tech
Anne Mollerskov – Costumes
Fran Maccanelli – Wardrobe
Kori Hassler – Hair/Makeup
Kate Mooney – Props Run

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