March 31, 2017

The Iliad, The Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less

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Zippy, silly, and secretly educational, Jay Hopkins and John Hunter have written a show that would make CliffsNotes and Monty Python proud.

On a simple stage, with the clock ticking in front of everyone’s eyes, the cast speeds through ALL of Greek Mythology. It’s funny, updated and made easy to understand. All the silly decisions, the absurd destinies, and the goofy characters are presented lightning-bolt fast with hysterical results as the clock is stopped with only seconds to spare.

“The Iliad, The Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less” is sponsored by SC Johnson


Cast & Crew


Kristin Althoff

Ayla Christian

Barb Davis

Petr Jaros

Mike Kishline

Mona Lewis



Michael Clickner – Director

Mona Lewis – PSM

Jill Dexter – Stage Manager

Marj Eckblad – ASM

Rose Bliss – ASM

Kara Ernst-Schalk – Sound Design

Donna Nielsen – Sound Technician

Brian Schalk – Light Design

Jon Eckblad – Light Technician

Cynthy McCrory – Costums

George Mangold – Porps Design

Phil Lyden – Props Run

Sandy Lyden – Props Run

Ginny Mueller – Makeup

Kori Hassler- Makeup

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