February 24, 2017

That Darn Plot

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Clever and fast-paced, David Belke has written a hysterical (and sometimes genuinely touching) show.

Mark W. Transom, one of world’s greatest playwrights, is at the end of his rope. In order to fulfill his contract, he has to create a play in one night or lose everything. As the characters come to life before his eyes, his play seems to be progressing well until without warning, Transom’s estranged son appears as a character and the play takes on a life of its own. Hilarious and heartfelt, “That Darn Plot” is a comedy about playwriting, rewriting and rehabilitating, as well as a sympathetic look at a man who is unable to connect with the people around him, including his only child.

Cast & Crew


Paul Weir – Mark W. Transom

Laura-Nicole Musolf – Jo Harber

Randy Rehberg – Geoffrey Regeant

Matt Specht – Russell Croft

Paige Bourne – Ivy Schreiver

Sam Walker – Lloyd Transom


Jim Rasmussen – PSM

Sarah Hunt Frank – Scenic Design

Lisa Rasmussen – ASM

Jared Rasmussen – ASM

Christopher Elst – Light and Sound Design

Joseph Vignieri – Light Technician

Ryan Rasmussen – Sound Technicia

Allison Kasprovich – Costume Design

Nancy Moldenhauer – Wardrobe

Jeanne Christensen – Hair and Makeup

Anna Marie Hoeft Smetana – Props Design and Run

Dave Smetana – Props Design and Run

Rebecca Kishline – Props Run



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