April 14, 2023

Stand and Deliver

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$18 for Adults

$16 for Seniors (62+)

$13 for Students (21 & under)

Further discounts are offered to subscribers and groups of 12 or more.


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Monday – Friday, 12 – 6 p.m. &

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Stand and Deliver

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Jaime Escalante’s mission was to challenge his students to reach their full potential in and out of his classroom. When he is assigned to an inner-city school with a reputation of gangs, drugs, and dropouts, his offbeat teaching methods and quirky humor motivate his math students. Together, the students set a goal to take the Advanced Placement Calculus Test and pass. Based on a true underdog story, this urban fairy tale is a story of perseverance in the face of adversity.


Run Time: 2 hours plus a 15 minute intermission


Based on the screenplay by Ramón Menéndez and Tom Musca. Adapted for the stage by Robert Bella


Cast & Crew


Erico Ortiz – Jaime Escalante

Colleen Friday – Raquel Ortega

Ricardo Morales – Principal Molina

Angel Nuno-Rodríguez – Angel Guerra

Stephen Fletcher – Pancho Garcia

Alex Benitez – Tito Guitano

Michael Mayfield – Chuco/Armando

Arianna Jones – Jessica Perales

Donaji Sanchez – Claudia Camejo

Makaelyn Trujillo – Ana Delgado

María José Castillo Venegas – Lupe Escobar

Maggie Fischer – Rafaela Fuentes

Kate Christensen – Dr. Ramirez/Guard



Edson Melendez – Director

Steve Barnes – Set Design

Nicki Monaghan – PSM

Eric Guttenberg – Stage Manager

Stephen Fletcher – Stage Manager

Rose Bliss – ASM

Jenny Bauer – Light Design

Donn Boring – Light Tech

Cynthy McCrory – Light Tech

Davidson Kane – Sound Design

Dan Venne – Sound Tech

Timothy James Lewis – Sound Tech

Isabella Bullock – Props Design

Jonathan Wright – Props Run

Anna Marie Smetana – Costume Design

Raquel Wright – Wardrobe Run

Shannon Thill – Makeup/Hair

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