February 3, 2018

Rex Havens’ Women & Children First: After that it’s Every Man for Himself!

Tickets Information

The Racine Theatre Guild will be closed to the public until further notice.

Call (262) 633-4218 for ticketing and questions.




Rex Havens’ Man/Woman comedy pays hilarious, honest and adoring tribute to the strong, funny women who drag us kicking and screaming into manhood. Humor and heart share a lifeboat in this remarkable theater experience that captures a perfect balance of laughter and love.

Rex Havens takes the very heart of the world around each of us, applies his own gentle combination of logic, bemusement and insanity, and offers it back to his audience in a way that is engaging, thoughtful and hilarious. A former college professor who made the unusual transition to the standup comedy stage in the ’80’s, Rex has always believed that laughter is the best defense against a confusing and challenging world.

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