March 23, 2019

Milwaukee Hot Club & Kal Bergendahl Project

Tickets Information

The Racine Theatre Guild will be closed to the public until further notice.

Call (262) 633-4218 for ticketing and questions.




Milwaukee Hot Club plays “gypsy jazz,” the music of the late great Django Reinhardt and his modern descendants. Their music is a high energy mix of swing, bossa, and gypsy samba rhythms with two gypsy guitars, upright bass, and usually sax and/or clarinet. They perform acoustically and with amplification designed to preserve the acoustic qualities of our instruments.

Kal Jon Bergendahl is an accomplished bassist, composer, arranger and educator based in Kenosha. His soulful and energetic playing has gained him attention as a top-notch bassist, having played the electric bass since 1987 and performing in the southeast Wisconsin jazz scene since 1997. In 2004, Bergendahl formed The Kal Bergendahl Project and the group has taken on many different forms over the years, combining smooth, edgy jazz with pop and soul.


In 2001, Joe Mooney created the Jean’s Jazz Series in memory of his wife, Jean, who passed away from ovarian cancer. Since then, over 20,000 people have attended our, concerts, grossing over $100,000 to benefit the Racine Theatre Guild. Jean’s love of the Guild and her love of Jazz inspired a series that has truly enriched our community.

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