September 13, 2019

Lost in Yonkers

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After the death of their mother, Arty and Jay’s father is weighed down by debts. They are left to live with their stern grandmother, childlike Aunt Bella, and hoodlum Uncle Louie so their father can pay back the loan sharks. In their strange new world of Yonkers, the young boys learn lessons about love, responsibility, and the importance of family that will carry them into adulthood.


Run Time: 2 hours 30 minutes including a 20 minute intermission


Written by Neil Simon

“Lost in Yonkers” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Isaiah Dean – Arty

Jared Simonsen – Jay

Emily Mueller – Grandma

Tina Paukstelis – Bella

Kate May – Gert

Ryan Simonsen – Eddie

Matt Specht – Louie



Lisa Kornetsky – Director

Lizz Otto-Cramer – Scenic Designer

Nicki Monaghan – PSM

Abigail Lamoreaux – SM

Isabella Smetana – ASM

Dedrick Woods – Light Tech

Norgie Metzinger – Sound Design/Tech

Sheila Simonsen – Costume Design

Kori Hassler – Hair

Ginny Mueller – Makeup

Betty White – Wardrobe

Anna Marie Smetana – Props Design/Run

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