April 5, 2019

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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When an ordinary wardrobe transports Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy into the enchanted world of Narnia, they begin an adventure towards their destinies as rulers of the land. Trapped in an eternal winter, they must battle the evil White Witch with the help of whimsical forest creatures and the great lion, Aslan, to reclaim Narnia. C.S. Lewis’ book has been magically transformed for the stage celebrating the triumph of good over evil.

Run Time: 1 hour 30 minutes plus a 20 minute intermission

Dramatized by Joseph Robinette from the story by C.S. Lewis

Cast & Crew


Matthew Lacher – Peter
Madelyn Kierman – Susan
Isaiah Dean – Edmund
Leah Starks – Lucy
Jonathan Kierman – Mr. Beaver
Erin Barnlund – Mrs. Beaver
April Cannalte – Unicorn
Lauren Instenes – Centaur
Murphy Mason – Mr. Tumnus
Sara Laney – White Witch
Philip Evreniadis – Aslan
Connor Blankenship – Maugrim
Ronan Kosterman – Dwarf
Michael Lynch – Father Christmas/Minotaur
Julian Mayfield – Elf
Lisa Lewis – Mrs. Pevensie/Hag
Art Dexter – Professor
Betty Petersen – Mrs. MacReady
Ryan Simonsen – Adult Peter/Cruel
Kori Hassler – Adult Susan/Ivy
Zach Guerrero – Adult Edmund/Spectre
Paige Bourne – Adult Lucy/Betty
Savannah Barnlund – Fox/Ensemble
Brian Dean – Ogre/Ensemble
Katie Gleeson – Gazelle/Ensemble
Keira Hassler – Harpie/Ensemble
Geneva Hebron – Phoniex/Ensemble
Maeden Hillery – The Fantastical/Ensemble
Benjamin Johnson – Boggle/Ensemble
Annie Kierman – Ghoul/Ensemble
Emma Kierman – Jaguar/Ensemble
Kennedy Robison – Porcupine/Ensemble
Loghan Simonsen – Badger/Ensemble



Christopher Elst – Director
Cynthy McCrory – PSM
Isabella Smetana – Stage Manager

Rose Bliss – ASM

Donna Nielsen – ASM

Karen Magee – Light Tech

Sue Blaha – Sound Tech

Shelia Simonsen – Costume Design

Jill Dickert – Props Design

Phil Lyden – Props Run

Sandy Lyden – Props run

Kori Hassler – Hair/Makeup

Ginny Mueller – Hair/Makeup

Eric Welch – Hair/Makeup


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