October 20, 2017


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A comedy about a cat may seem a little odd, but this play is genuinely humorous and kind. Samantha, the cat, shares her life story, from her doting owner Shuman, to her neurotic pet therapist Matilda, and the sexy alley cat she falls in love with, Oscar. Her sentimental journey in Indoor/Outdoor, both physical and emotional, leads her to discover what having a home and being loved really means.


Partnering with H.O.P.E. Safehouse, Kindred Kitties, Safe Harbor Humane Society, and the Wisconsin Humane Society, this play will also help raise awareness about animal adoption in our area.


“What a wonderful treat…to discover…a refreshing and clever play made more, well, `purrrrfect’.” – BackStage


Written by Kenny Finkle

Cast & Crew


Alyssa Falvey – Samantha
David Geisler – Shuman
Kate Fischer – Matilda/Mom
Zak Keil – Oscar/Others


James Fletcher – Director

Sarah Hunt Frank – Scenic Design
Mona Lewis – PSM
Russ Blaha – Stage Manager
Nancy Moldenhauer – ASM

Kevin Edmonston – Light Design

Sue Blaha – Light Tech

Ryan Simonsen – Sound Design

Karen Hamilton – Sound Tech

Lauren Haumersen – Props Design

Phil Lyden – Props Run

Sandy Lyden – Props Run

Paula O’Brien Slassted – Makeup

Lauren Lamoreaux – Wardrobe

Betty Petersen – Costume Design

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