October 5, 2019

Dobie Maxwell & Steve DeClark

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The Racine Theatre Guild will be closed to the public until further notice.

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A hilarious show about “growing up in the 70’s and how times have changed.”

Dobie Maxwell, originally from Milwaukee, is one of the top touring stand up comics in North America. He has been seen on “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson. He has been on the road since 1985 and his live show is a whirlwind of words, a virtual verbal vortex. His slick ranting style has earned him a loyal and growing fan base, and his knack for saying what a lot of people think has kept him constantly booked from coast to coast.

Steve DeClark is from Milwaukee and has been doing stand up comedy for decades. He has been seen on Comedy Central and in the film The Borrower. He starred and wrote the comedy play “Trying To Live Happily Ever After” with Jane Matenaer.

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