January 4, 2020

Amy Maack - 52nd Street Cellar Club / Dave Braun Sextet

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Amy Maack – An Evening at the 52nd Street Cellar Club

Presenting an evening at the 52nd Street Cellar Club, Amy Maack is back with her friend Doug Clum on piano for a memorable jazz club evening. Amy is known for her big voice and gospel-infused R&B. When Amy sings, you’ll notice hints of Judy Garland, Koko Taylor and even Mahalia Jackson but in the end, it’s just Amy being Amy! Her sultry and soaring vocals bring the classic songs of Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith, and more to life, leaving the audience breathless and longing for more.

Dave Braun Sextet

The Dave Braun Sextet is made up of Dave on guitar, his son Pete on drums, and his wife Paula on fretless bass along with three horns such as a trumpet, trombone and saxophone. They think, play, and breathe together with a true understanding of how to perform as one with impeccable timing. With a belief that jazz music is an expression that must come from the heart, Dave leads the group though the art of playing songs with uninhibited openness.


In 2001, Joe Mooney created the Jean’s Jazz Series in memory of his wife, Jean, who passed away from ovarian cancer. Since then, over 21,000 people have attended our, concerts, grossing over $120,000 to benefit the Racine Theatre Guild. Jean’s love of the Guild and her love of Jazz inspired a series that has truly enriched our community.

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