March 27, 2020

Akeelah and the Bee

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Akeelah lives and breathes words and has a gift for spelling. This passion is overshadowed by the daily realities of her life in a tough Chicago neighborhood. Despite her mother’s objections, she studies and prepares for the National Spelling Bee with a determined spirit. As the underdog, Akeelah’s spunk and tenacity teach us all a little something about triumphing over any obstacle.


Based on the screenplay by Doug Atchison

Adapted for the stage by Cheryl L. West

Produced by special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences

Cast & Crew


Saniah Carter – Akeelah

Jaymina Mulkey – Gail

Anthony Vinson – Reggie

Darius Russelle – Dr. Larabee

Bonita Thomas – Principal Welch

Genesis Goodman – Georgia

Olivia Turquoise – Batty Ruth

Norgie Metzinger – Drunk Willie/Sound

Shavez DeLacy – JT

Rylee McGee – Ratchet Rhonda

Colin Nguyen – Dylan

Paolo Wood – Javier

Kyra Hagen – Trish/Horse Girl

Jamie Cain – Mrs. Chiu

Amina Jallow – Izzy/Mohawk Girl

Julian Mayfield – Chucky/Air Speller/Snorting Boy

Phil Lyden – District Judge/National Pronouncer/Props

Nancy Bonelli – District Pronouncer/State Judge

Megan Ferger – Bee Clerk/State Pronouncer



Kara Ernst-Schalk – Director

Karen Magee – PSM

Donna Nielsen – ASM

Rose Bliss – Stage Manager

Betty Petersen – Sound Tech

Jill Dickert – Props Design

Sandy Lyden – Props Run

Jeanne Christensen – Hair/Makeup

Sharon Nyman – Costume Design

Karen Hamilton – Wardrobe

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