A Christmas Story

Audition date: Oct. 04 - Oct. 05, 2021 at 7 pm
Remark: One of the most iconic holiday movies hilariously comes to life on stage, complete with all its pink-bunny-suit, glowing-leg-lamp, triple-dog-daring glory.

The Racine Theatre Guild will be holding open auditions for A Christmas Story on Monday, October 4 and Tuesday, October 5 at 7 p.m.



Ralphie Parker only has one wish: to wake up Christmas morning with the coveted Red Ryder Range Model Carbine Action BB Gun under his tree. While he plans and schemes to ensure it arrives, he’s met with the same response again and again, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” One of the most iconic holiday movies hilariously comes to life on stage, complete with all its pink-bunny-suit, glowing-leg-lamp, triple-dog-daring glory, full of heart and laughter for the whole family.



  • Ralph Parker (M) – Ralphie’s older and wiser alter-ego— a charismatic storyteller with a dynamic speaking voice, who can draw an audience in to the world of the play. Serving as the narrator of the story, he (like his younger self) has a twinkle in his eye.
  • Mother (F) – Ralphie’s patient mother with firm convictions – in particular, that her son should not own a BB gun. It takes a lot to ruffle her feathers and she is more in charge than she would ever let anyone know. Warm but tough.
  • The Old Man (M) – The Parker family’s beleaguered patriarch, he has a good heart, but it is buried under a rough exterior with a deeply held desire to be a winner.  Mix of over-the-top anger and genuine love for his family, he thinks he’s pretty clever. 
  • Miss Shields (F) – Ralphie’s teacher. Featured in one of Ralphie’s fantasies where she is very impressed with his homework. Can be an old fashioned curmudgeon or a strangely vibrant and expressive teacher— seeking a creative character actress!

KIDS ROLES – Open to ages 12 and above

  • Ralphie Parker (M) – Equal parts dreamer and schemer, Ralphie doesn’t just covet an air rifle, he also knows (or thinks he knows) exactly how to persuade the adults around him that his cause is a righteous one.
  • Randy (M) – Ralphie’s annoying younger brother. “Oinks” like a pig and eats oatmeal from his bowl as if he were eating out of a trough. He is very whiny and, in a funny way, cries a lot.
  • Flick (M) – Ralphie’s best friend. Flick is the unfortunate guinea pig in the infamous frozen-flagpole-licking experiment. Often times he is picked on by Scut Farkus and gives in easily.
  • Schwartz (M) – Ralphie’s best friend. Schwartz becomes the scapegoat when Ralphie accidentally utters a very, very naughty word. Schwartz is a bit of a know-it-all.
  • Esther Jane Alberry (F) – Ralphie’s classmate. She is extremely shy and has a huge crush on Ralphie— but she’s too afraid to even talk to him!
  • Helen Weathers (F) – Ralphie’s classmate. Something of a child prodigy. One of those really smart kids that seem to know everything. She is confident and a natural leader.
  • Scut Farkus (M) – Old-fashioned schoolyard bully who routinely torments Ralphie and his friends. Must have an evil laugh/cackle. Also plays Black Bart.



Individuals of all levels of experience are invited to audition. Both actors and crew members will be required to be fully vaccinated to volunteer on productions. Actors will be asked to show proof of vaccination at auditions. Masks will be required to be worn when attending auditions and may only be removed only while actively auditioning. Rehearsal protocols will be discussed at auditions.



Director Douglas Instenes will hold auditions at the Racine Theatre Guild. No appointments necessary. Auditions consist of a cold reading from the script.

Scripts may be checked out in advance from the box office with a $10 deposit, which will be refunded when the script is returned. The show will go into rehearsal in October and will be performed weekends December 3 – 19, 2021.

For more information, contact the Box Office at (262) 633-4218 or boxoffice@racinetheatre.org.



The Racine Theatre Guild parking lot is currently under construction. Please be advised that you will likely need to park on the street for auditions.


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