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Welcome to the Racine Theatre Guild’s “There’s No Place Like Home” page. In our time apart, this space will be an area for us to connect RTG’s home to your home. We will be featuring activities for kids and adults, cast, crew, and director interviews for upcoming performances, and other pieces of RTG behind-the-scenes information. We hope to stay connected and can’t wait to welcome you back soon!

COVID-19 Update

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Visit to read the Racine Theatre Guild’s latest COVID-19 update.

Set the Stage

Set design is essential to creating the time, place, and mood of a production. Many set pieces must be created in a way to represent different locations. Others need to be able to be moved quickly and efficiently to transition from one scene to the next. 

The Racine Theatre Guild contracts professional set designers to develop the vision for how each set will look in collaboration with the director. Then, the technical director begins building the sets with a team of volunteers. From construction, to painting, to instillation, the process can take months to create the final product.

Sister Act, 2018

In 2018, Real Racine and Matt Binetti shined a light on all of the time and talents it takes to create every production during Sister Act. Take a peek backstage and trip down memory lane!

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Mail a little RTG love!

Whether it’s a friend you attend shows with or a family member across the country, print out a Racine Theatre Guild postcard to spread a little RTG love! Simply click on each image to download the one you’d like!

Become a “Dancing Queen!”

Mary Leigh Sturnio, choreographer for the Racine Theatre Guild’s postponed production of Mamma Mia!, shows how you can be a “Dancing Queen” from your own home!

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Learn the Music of “Oz!”

Greg Berg discusses the keys to teaching and creating each song in a show with a special look at the music of “The Wizard of Oz.”

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Have fun with Packy!

We Love Packy Plays!

Cooped up and looking for some fun to share with your kids? Our friend Packy from the Racine Children’s Theatre has some downloadable activities just for you!

Get your’s here!

Packy Summer Fun!

Summer is in full swing and Packy is ready to enjoy the nice weather. Join in the fun with his new activity book, including a reading list from our friends at the Racine Public Library!

Get your’s here!

Packy’s Backstage Tour

Packy, our Racine Children’s Theatre mascot, has been missing all of his theatre friends. So, he decided to gather some of the great behind-the-scenes crew members at the Racine Theatre Guild to show everyone how the many areas of the theatre work together to create a performance!

Come along and learn about some areas of RTG you might not known about before. Don’t forget to share the fun with your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or students too!

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The Packy Dance

Kara and Packy show you how to groove with him. Join in the fun and send a video of you dancing it out to!

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The Elephant Dance

One of the best elephants around, Packy, has been practicing his dance moves and wants to share them with you! Try it for yourself and share how you dance like an elephant with us at!

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With just a week and a half away from opening night of Akeelah and the Bee, Saniah Carter and Genesis Goodman were ready to appear in their first show at the Racine Theatre Guild. Then, their play was postponed. Learn more about what their looking forward to when they’re able to take the stage once again!

RTG History

While the doors of the Racine Theatre Guild may be closed as shows are on a brief intermission, we still want to connect with all of you. We’ve taken a deep dive into the history of our organization, taking a look decade by decade at our journey. Download your copy of “The History of the Racine Theatre Guild” to learn more about our adventure beginning in 1938!

Looking for more on our long history. Check out all of the plays and musicals we’ve produced over the last 83 years here:

RCT History

The Racine Children’s Theatre (RCT) has been introducing generations of kids to the magic of live theatre, affectionately known as “Packy Plays” since 1933! Learn more about the long history of programs and productions here!

RTG Double Take

With an 83 year history of producing plays and musicals, the Racine Theatre Guild has done quite a few shows twice (or even three times). We’ll be diving into our archives, taking a look at shows that captured theatre magic, even if it was decades apart. Follow along on Instagram for more!

Racine & Me: Racine Theatre Guild

Meghan Reistad, host of CBS 58’s Racine & Me, and Joycelyn Fish, director of marketing and development at the Racine Theatre Guild, discuss what the future of RTG looks like for 2021.  Click here to watch now!

Jean’s Jazz: 20 Years Later

In 2001, Joe Mooney created the Jean’s Jazz Series in memory of his wife, Jean, who had died of ovarian cancer. Since then, over 21,000 people have attended these memorable concerts, raising over $120,000 to benefit the Racine Theatre Guild. Jean’s love of the Theatre Guild and her love of jazz inspired a series that has truly enriched our community.

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Meet RTG: The Johnson Family

When Jamie and Ben Johnson hit the stage for The Wizard of Oz this past winter, it was just another moment in their long history with the Racine Theatre Guild. Learn more about the mother-son duo’s time at RTG and what they’re looking forward to about returning soon!

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Meet RTG: Saniah & Genesis

With just a week and a half away from opening night of Akeelah and the Bee, Saniah Carter and Genesis Goodman were ready to appear in their first show at the Racine Theatre Guild. Then, their play was postponed. Learn more about what their looking forward to when they’re able to take the stage once again!

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“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” – Spamalot, 2015

Feeling a little down? Take trip down memory lane as Rob Kroes, Dan Martino, and the company of Monty Python’s Spamalot perform “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” at the Racine Theatre Guild in 2015.

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83 Seconds of RTG & Me

Celebrate our 83rd season with a series of interviews, discussions, and stories from RTG volunteers about moments and memories from on and off stage. Missed any of our 83 Seconds of RTG & Me features? Find the whole playlist here!

Anne Mollerskov

For Anne, playing around with the characters is the most fun part of creating a play or musical at RTG.

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Kevin & Samantha Sustachek

Sharing a love of theatre, Kevin and Samantha have found many different ways to work as at team at RTG.

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Jenna Zeihen

Jenna’s most recent costume on stage helped bring her character to life in “The Wizard of Oz.”

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Beth Jurgaitis

Throughout her 15 years at the RTG, the theatre came to hold a special place in her heart.

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Anna Marie & Dave Smetana

Anna Marie and Dave Smetana’s experience together began with props, but they have shared their skills in a variety of areas to make the theatre a success.

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Kori Hassler

Kori brought her hair styling skills to the RTG four years ago to help create characters from different eras, lands, ages, and more!

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Robbyn Wilks

Some of Robbyn’s best memories at the Racine Theatre Guild come down to moments, and sometimes mishaps too, with great casts and crews.

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David Eaton

After ushering at the Racine Theatre Guild for a few years, David Eaton has found many ways to share the joy of theatre with others.

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Racine Theatre Guild COVID-19 Updates

We hope you are staying safe and healthy in our time apart. It is an odd feeling not to be at the Racine Theatre Guild every day with the flurry of activities from show preparations. We have been hoping to get more insights for when we can all gather and celebrate theatre once again

Find our latest COVID-19 updates here.

Help “light up lives at all stages!”

Since our announcement of postponing performances, we have been overwhelmed and touched by those who have reached out to ask what they can do to help the Racine Theatre Guild.

As a nonprofit, community theatre, over 65% of our funding comes from ticket sales. Due to the generosity of our donors, a successful season thus far, and the talents of our volunteers, we have proactively discussed ways to handle our temporary closure. However, there are several ways you can help support our ability to continue “lighting up lives at all stage”:

  • Make a contribution to the Racine Theatre Guild
    • Visit our Donation page or mail gifts to Racine Theatre Guild, 2519 Northwestern Ave., Racine, WI 53404!
  • Follow Racine Theatre Guild on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
    • Comment, share, and tell your stories to spread the word about RTG!

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